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Terms & Conditions

Identify the customer in order to reproduce his statement as acceptance of the Terms and for the order is made ​​by the saved in the log - file server / / store the IP address of the client and any other information. 

Products that are on the website / / do not constitute legally binding offer, but are rather demonstrative online catalog describing the product line on offer. 

After clicking the button "Buy" users agree to buy the goods contained in the cart. This action is legally binding. The customer receives an order confirmation and receipt of such confirmation shall be deemed that the contract is concluded.

"VIVA" reserves the right to refuse delivery of the confirmed order in the event that the goods are not available. In the absence of a stock of goods applied within the working week "VIVA" notifies the client exhaustion by sending a message up to the customer email address or telephone number. If the transfer is made ​​to the account of the merchant, the customer can choose between a reimbursement waiver of contract or a replacement order. 

Contractual language is Bulgarian, and payments will be made ​​in Bulgarian leva with  VAT. The transaction currency for card payments is Bulgarian Lev (BGN). If there are prices on the site in other currencies, in addition to Bulgarian Lev, these are for informational purposes only and may not be exactly equal to the billed amount on your card account in the same currency.